36" Pad Kit
36" Pad Kit
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48"x12"x8" - 5 pads per kit

PolarCool Pads are a high efficiency evaporative cooling media that is engineered to provide maximum cooling and humidification, low pressure drop and years of reliable service.

High Cooling Efficiency
Exceptional cooling rates are achieved due to the design, manufacturing and materials used in our CELdek pads.

High Face Velocity
The shallower angle of our pads unequal flute design allows high velocity air to travel through the pad without water droplet carryover.

Self-Cleaning Design
The steeper angle of PolarCool unequal flute design flushes dirt and debris from the surface of the pad. This cleaning action directs water toward the air entering face of the pad where it is needed most.

Low Pressure Drop
The shallow angle of PolarCool unequal flute design allows high velocity air to travel through the pad without significant resistance or water droplet carry over.

Simple to Maintain
In most cases, routine maintenance can be performed while systems are still operating. When properly maintained, PolarCool CELdek pads will provide many years of highly efficient cooling and humidification.

High Efficiency
• Maximum Cooling and Humidification
• Low Pressure Drop
• Less Costly to Operate Low Maintenance
• Self Cleaning Flute Design
• Specially Treated, Algae Resistant Substrate
• Routine Maintenance Can Be Performed While the System is Operating Long Service Life
• Engineered to Resist Deterioration
• Optional MI-T-edg Edge Protection, for Longer Life


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