48" Fan Parts

48" Fan Parts

Replacement parts for all 48" PolarCool fans.

Refresh Tablets
Refresh Tablets
SKU: 0503-1009
Refresh™ Tablets eliminate growths and odors in evaporative coolers, humidifiers, and air conditioners, thereby improving efficiencies and reducing maintenance and power costs. Refresh™ Tablets are EPA-Registered, self-metering dosage tablets which are added directly to reservoirs or drain pans.C...
$ 29.95

Float Valve (2002-Present Models)
Float Valve- Bronze Heavy Duty. Fits 2002-Present Models Except Zone 11K. Video: How to Adjust a Float Valve for Proper Water Level Settings.
$ 37.90

Float Hose Adp
Water Hose Adapter Kit
SKU: 1021-3000
Fits Stainless Steel and Black Powdercoat 18/24/36/48" units. Does not fit Zone 11K.
$ 23.16

Pump - 48" PolarCool Pump
230v 50/60Hz Replacement pump used with all 48" model PolarCools. Note: All 48" PolarCool units are 230v only. California residents: Click here for Proposition 65 warning. Note: Video pump replacement shown on a 36" Variable Speed PolarCool
$ 448.43

48" Pad Kit
48" Pad Kit
SKU: 6450-6009
60"x12"x8" - 6 pads per kit PolarCool Pads are a high efficiency evaporative cooling media that is engineered to provide maximum cooling and humidification, low pressure drop and years of reliable service. Features:High Cooling EfficiencyExceptional cooling rates are achieved due to the design, m...
$ 587.37

Belt/Sold by the foot
Order 4' for 36" belt drive units. Order 5' for 48" units.
$ 18.95

PolarCool Hard Water Treat Tablets
PolarCool Hard Water Treatment Tablets by placing in the reservoir, automatically provide water treatment proportionate to operating conditions without feeder equipment. They prevent hard water mineral scale, ferrous and non-ferrous corrosion, and silt and soil accumulations in evaporative cooler...
$ 29.99

Motor 1775rpm 1HP 240v 50/60Hz
Motor- 1775rpm 1HP 240v 50/60Hz. Fits all 48" PolarCool models. Note: All 48" PC's are 240 volt only.  Crated: 17" x 13" x 13" crated weight is 53 lbs California residents: Click here for Proposition 65 warning.
$ 472.64

Drain & Washer (Inside)
Drain & Washer (Inside)
SKU: 0006-7010
Drain Outlet for easy cleaning of unit. Fits all Stainless Steel and Black Powder Coat PC units.
$ 8.64

Bearing Mount (Front)
Front bearing for old style 36" Belt Drive units and some 48" units. California residents: Click here for Proposition 65 warning.
$ 68.43

Bearing Mount (Rear)
Rear bearing for old style 36" Belt Drive units and some 48" units. California residents: Click here for Proposition 65 warning.
$ 68.43

Drain Cap (Outside)
Drain Cap (Outside)
SKU: 0006-7011
Small black drain cap. Fits drain assy. on all Stainless Steel and Black Powder Coat PC units.
$ 4.32

Pillow Block Bearing
With Grease Fittings California residents: Click here for Proposition 65 warning.
$ 23.16

3/4" Garden Hose Quick Connect Kit
Garden hose quick connects make connecting the PolarCool Evaporative Cooling System to a water source an effortless process. This kit comes with two all brass quick connect fittings that includes both the male and female end. Connect the male end of the fitting to the PolarCool water inlet and th...
$ 9.79

Motor Pulley 230v 60Hz  AK 41 x 5/8
AK 41x5/8. Used w/230v 60Hz only. Not used with 50hz.
$ 37.90

Key Shear
Key Shear 1/4x1/4x1" Steel
$ 0.79

Toggle Switch
Toggle switch (DPST) used to start/stop the Fan or Pump. Pump switch should never be turned on unless there is water in the pump/reservoir. California residents: Click here for Proposition 65 warning.
$ 13.69

Pulley - 120v 48" Models
Sheave AK104/MA103x1. Fits all models. Note: All 48" PC units are 240 volt only.
$ 60.00

Prop/Fan Blade
Note: When replacing red fiberglass prop must order new shaft/key shears. See notes on shaft part numbers 0411-5626 & 0411-14099 to determine which shaft needed and # of shears. Verify by shaft dimensions. Flat Rate Freight charge: $100
$ 430.53

FAB CR Shaft 1"x16"x2" Keyway
Fits 48" Units with "X"-Brace internals, pillow block bearings.Requires 2 keys part: 1019-2417
$ 39.00

FAB CR Shaft 1X7-5/8 EF
FAB CR Shaft 1X7-5/8 EF
SKU: 0411-2110
Fits 36" and 48" belt drive units with "Flange Bearing" setup. Note: Requires 2 shear keys   part #: 1019-2417.                                  
$ 33.00

Cover 48 PolarCool Black
Cover 48 PolarCool Black
SKU: 6421-13016
Storage Cover perfect solution for covering and protecting your PolarCool fan.  
$ 249.00

PC Wire Harness
Replacement harness for variable speed 18/24/36" units with black knob and toggle switch fan/pump controls. Not for 2 speed fans w/Hi-Low.
$ 58.00

Wheel Kit - 6" Solid Rubber Castors
36/48" Wheel Kit- Hard Med. 6". Comes with 2 swivel / 2 rigid.   All 36 & 48" models.
$ 282.00

PolarCool Hat
PolarCool Hat
SKU: 6422-4808
PolarCool Hat Online purchase only
$ 24.00

Pulley - 48" 230v 50Hz
AK 45x5/8. Used w/230v 50Hz only. Not used with 60hz.
$ 37.90

FAB CB Shaft 1x15-3/8 PC 48
FAB CB Shaft 1x15-3/8 PC 48
SKU: 0411-14099
"Fits newer 48"" units with ""Vertical"" internals and pillow block bearings. Not used with units having verticals and flange bearings - see shaft #0411-2110 for this model. Note: Requires 2 shear keys part: 1019-2417."
$ 38.00

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