Exhaust / Wall Fans

Exhaust / Wall Fans
Exhaust fans are the most widely used form of HVAC equipment in both commercial and industrial facility applications throughout the country, they effectively and efficiently pull air out of a building thus creating the availability for fresh air to enter the building. 

PolarCool 36" Exhaust Fan New
PolarCool 36" Exhaust Fan
SKU: 6603-7011
Unit Size / Model : 36” Exhaust Model #6603-7011 36” belt drive, ½ hp motor, galvanized steel slant housing, aluminum shutter 6611-7003 (not included), discharge cone and guard. Exhaust fans any application from commercial to Industrial. The PC 36" Exhaust / Wall offers High Volume air movement....
$ 995.00

PolarCool 36" Exhaust Fan Shutter New
Unit Size / Model :   36” Exhaust Shutter Model #6611-9022 Shutter to be use with the 36" Exhaust Fan (not included) SKU 6603-7011  
$ 279.00

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