HH Technologies

A Single-Source Solution for Global Needs.
Since its inception, HH Technologies® has become widely recognized as one of the industry’s leading suppliers of high-performance, portable cooling units and related products. HH Technologies® prides itself on expertise and the technology to build each PolarCool™ fan to fit your specific needs. With four size units available, and 30 years of experience creating durable, mobile, low-maintenance cooling units, HH Technologies® provides cooling relief on the spot to an array of industries such as production and warehouse facilities, sporting events, automotive and manufacturing plants, outdoor/exterior cooling, and many others.

Rollseal Company History

In 1996, Hired-Hand Inc. created RollSeal Inc. with a mission to advance our new-patented rollup technology and to develop a portable evaporative cooling fan productline. A secondary goal was to move Hired-Hand’s agricultural fans into commercial and industrial markets. We were granted 5 U.S. patents and several international patents on our rollup technology. This technology is now found around the world in fabric doors, fabric curtain systems, and rollup shutters. RollSeal is committed to being the industry leader in Portable Evaporative Cooling and Rolling Doors, Shutters, Rolling Curtains and Sidewalls. Our strong customer service and state-of-the-art technologies position us to serve your needs, and go beyond your expectations.

About RollSeal Technology

RollSeal’s Revolutionary, patented Curtain, Sidewall and Door technology offers an exceptional solution to a variety of commercial, industrial and agricultural issues.

By providing three-ply, double seal solutions to shutters, doors and curtain walls, the RollSeal system gives a positive, tight seal with two dead air spaces for insulation.

The tight double seal allows RollSeal Doors and Sidewalls to withstand extremely high wind loads, while protecting the interior and providing environmental control.

Other Offerings

HHT also provides contract manufacturing services primarily specializing in custom wiring harness solutions, component assemble, and complete finished good services.